Amanda & Kalle

Dear Expectant Momma,

Kalle and I want to thank you so much for reading through our profile and considering us to parent your child. Kalle and I have always known we wanted to adopt.

If you choose our family to parent, we are hoping for an open adoption at whatever level of comfort you choose. Your child will grow up always knowing the great love you both have for them. They will also know the love Kalle and I have for you. We cannot imagine what you are thinking or going through as you are trying to make an adoption plan for your baby but we want you to know that we care and are here for you. Whether you choose us to parent or not, you are loved and honored.

Kalle and I, as well as our two children Sadie and Leo, want to assure you that we will love and cherish your child with our whole hearts and souls and provide a safe, loving, accepting, fun and happy home with every opportunity possible.

All the best,

Kalle & Amanda

Sadie & Leo

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