Brian and Annette together

Annette and Brian

Dear Birthmother,

If you are reading this while pregnant, THANK YOU! Thank you for being so courageous, for letting your baby have life! Thank you for considering us to raise this wonderful child, as we have not yet been able to have children (so this child will have our undivided attention, focus, and love)!

We, Brian and Annette, promise he or she will be surrounded by love and music (and some fun dance parties along the way). This little one will have good help with school homework too – Brian is an 8th grade history teacher. Annette is now staying home from work, just to get ready for this special delivery!

We have spent eight years building a great marriage, a solid partnership and a strong foundation to start a family. We wrestle with real world problems, just like everyone else, but we deal with them in prayer together and that helps so much. We are now praying every day for God’s protection of this child. He or she will be so loved by lots of family and friends.

There are surely many reasons why you do not feel ready to raise a child right now. We would be honored to be praying for you daily as this process unfolds as well. We believe there is a good plan and a unique purpose for every person created by God.

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