Walter and Daniel

Dear Birth Mother,

We have looked forward to the journey of parenthood our whole lives. We are honored and blessed that you would consider placing your baby in our loving home. This is an exciting time and we are ready to answer any questions you may have while getting to know one another. We understand that being chosen to raise a child is the highest blessing we can ever receive. During this time we, along with our family, are praying for you in anticipation of welcoming this new joy into the world.

Walter and I have been together and married for five wonderful years. We met in a time in our lives when we both knew that we were ready to share our lives with one another. Together in front of our family and close friends we said our marriage vows. We vowed to love, honor, and respect one another, knowing in our hearts that our love would lead to a family.

As parents we vow to love, honor and respect your child and to treat them as our own. We have a beautiful family full of love, cousins, pets, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends waiting to welcome your child into our hearts. We are excited to learn about you and for you to learn about us. We are an open book and wear or hearts on our sleeves!

Forever Grateful,

Walter and Daniel

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