Danielle Riley

Danielle Riley has worked for A Rainbow’s End part-time since 2002. Even though she is only part-time, she plays a key role here.

Adoption has always been a part of my life. Not only am I adopted, but my mother owns A Rainbow’s End. I grew up learning about my adoption and learning the experiences of the hundreds of birth parents and adoptive families my mom has helped. By just being around her, her peers, and A Rainbow’s End throughout my life I have become knowledgeable in almost all aspects of adoption. My own experience with adoption has been so positive I hope to share this with birth parents and adoptive parents.

What was supposed to be a summer job while home from college turned into 10 years working at Rainbow’s End. My role has varied over the years. My main responsibility is to assist our birth parents and adoptive parents with questions and concerns. My secondary responsibilities being networking, social media, advertising, accounting, and other office work.