Karin Ross

Karin Ross has been a great asset to our team since she joined us in 2012. She currently works out of our Washington office with couples not only from Washington but also from all over the United States.

Adoption has been an important part of my extended family, and most recently with my own family. I have several extended family members who are adopted and with the adoption of my granddaughter.   I have seen the blessing they have brought to our family and now I am blessed with a granddaughter who came to our family through adoption. The adoption of my granddaughter provided me with the opportunity to meet her birth mother and the emotions she went through to place, as well as, experience the adoptive parents side from infertility to the rollercoaster of adopting.

Although, I work out of our Washington office, I am able to visit our California office often to meet with birth parents and adoptive parents in the area. These visits give me the opportunity to know our clients on a more personal level, which helps me tell adoptive parents and birth parents about each other. My favorite part of working at A Rainbow’s End is telling families they have been chosen and their dream realized. I know the decision to place a child for adoption is never easy, but I feel blessed bringing together two families for the love of one child.

My husband and I have two sons and five grandchildren. We know the love having a family offers.