If you are considering adoption, congratulations! You’ve made a wonderful decision and are about to embark on an exciting path. However, we understand that adoption can be a long, stressful and emotional process that will take a lot of determination and support to navigate through. At A Rainbows End, we want to help make the process run as smooth as possible. Below, are a few simple steps to help you get started.
STEP 1: Initial Contact
Contact A Rainbows End here to arrange a complimentary introductory meeting with one of our California Registered Adoption Facilitators. We will provide a packet of information, walk you through the material, and answer any questions you may have. Note; If you do not live in the area an adoptive parent packet will be sent to you with all necessary information and a conference call will be setup at a convenient time for you.
STEP 2: Create Your Family Profile
Your profile should be unique, painting a picture of your lifestyle, home and family. Be genuine and be yourself.
STEP 3: Create an Adoption Plan
Have you considered whether you want an open adoption or closed adoption? Does the baby’s gender matter to you? Are you open to any race? These are all questions to consider when creating your adoption plan and making your journey as smooth as possible.
STEP 4: Complete the Adoption Home Study
A home study is required by law in order to adopt. This determines whether the adoptive families are emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby and ensure these babies are entering a healthy and safe environment. We will also start to discuss your hospital plan and what to expect at the hospital.
STEP 5: Connect with a Birthparent
We provide a birthmother with a variety of profiles that meet her criteria in order for her to select an adoptive family. Once your profile is selected, we’ll establish communication.
STEP 6: Bring Your Baby Home
After the birth, both parties will complete the required legal steps to finalize the adoption and you can finally bring your baby home.