We often get a lot of questions about what is adoption about? How could I put my baby up for adoption? What choices can I make if I chose adoption?

Placing a child for adoption is a difficult choice. You may experience doubt, fear, and even confusion when deciding to choose adoption. Adoption is a loving and thoughtful decision. It’s important that you’re making this decision for the right reasons. This is a lifelong decision and it can be difficult when going through so many emotions or facing pressure and influence from others. Adoption is a personal decision and one that is yours only to make.

Why Choose Adoption?

One of the first steps you need to take, is asking yourself “why am I considering adoption for my baby?” Writing down your reasons will help you realize your feelings and thoughts.

Birth parents have chosen adoption for their children for a number of reasons. There is not a right or wrong reason for considering adoption. Reasons have varied from financial reasons, feeling they aren’t ready to parent, cannot parent another child as a single parent, education, reunification with other children is a priority, lack of family support, or other personal reasons.

Each birth parent’s decision is varied, but felt that by choosing adoption the choice was hers and knew her child would have their basic needs meet and much more.

Other questions that expectant moms ask when considering adoption, is what do I have control over? Here are a few of the most important that we are asked:

1. Do I choose the adoptive parents?

Yes, you choose what you are hoping for in adoptive family and choose from the profiles we receive that meet your criteria.

We work with families from across the country, of all races, religions, traditional and same-sex families, and single parents. Our families come from all different backgrounds.

All families must go through what is called a homestudy. Someone can not just wake up one day and say I would like to adopt today! Families have to go through a background check, a physical, financial check, and meet with a social worker separately and together to ensure they understand what adoption means. Many families even take classes that help prepare them to adopt and how to talk to their children about their adoption story.

2. What kind of contact do you want during your pregnancy? And after the baby is born?

As an expectant parent considering adoption, you need to consider the type of relationship you want with the adoptive family you chose. Many adoptions today are semi-open or open. Do you want to meet the family prior to birth? Do you want to develop a relationship with them by texting and phone calls? Do you want pictures and letters throughout the child’s life? Many families today exchange emails or even setup social media accounts just for those involved in the adoption process.

We have also worked with women in the past who prefer a closed adoption and do not want a lot of contact prior or after the birth of the baby.

The choice is yours and you will want to talk with your adoption advisor as you consider all these options. You will want to choose whichever option you are most comfortable with.

3. What about my hospital stay?

You are in charge of what happens at the hospital. This means you chose who is with you in the delivery room, if you want to see your baby, hold your baby, among other considerations.

If your baby is already born, you can still choose what happens at the hospital.

What else should I know?

During the process you should expect to meet with an attorney and/or an adoption service provider that will help with you with other aspects of your adoption.

Adoption is never a selfish, unloving decision. Women who chose to place their baby for adoption are selfless, giving and are making this decision because they love their child so much and want only what is best for their baby.

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