Yes, open adoption is legal. Your adoption can be completed through an adoption agency or through a facilitator. The process is normally simple and confidential. At A Rainbow’s End we follow all adoption laws and maintain the highest standards and ethics. This allows you to know your adoption is legal, ethical, and safe to give you peace of mind. A qualified attorney completes all paperwork.

There are no costs to you. Adoptive parents pay for legal fees, medical bills not covered by insurance or medi-care, consulting and counseling fees, and any reasonable pregnancy-related expenses.

No, adoption is one of the most loving decisions you can ever make for your child. It takes a lot of maturity to know that raising a child and love isn’t enough to give a child everything it needs. Adoption means you want more for your child.

The reasons why a woman may place her baby for adoption varies. Most know at this time in their life they can’t be the parent they would like to be and because of the love for their child decide to do an adoption. Other women realize their situations are unfavorable for a child to be raised in. Any reason a woman has for placing her child for adoption is valid.

You need to do what is right for you and your baby. You know if you are ready to parent a child and whether you are ready in all other aspects of your life. Friends and family have a great deal of influence in your life and it is easy for them to tell you what to do, but they are not in your shoes. You are the only one who knows what’s best for you and you are the only one that can make this decision.

No, you do not have to make up your mind before speaking with a counselor or Adoption Professional. It is actually best to talk with someone throughout your decision making process so you can gather information about all of your options in order to make the best decision for you and your baby. Exploring adoption is a personal process that varies from person to person and there is no set time in which you have to make your decision. If you choose, A Rainbow’s End can provide counseling to help with your decision-making and to let you know about the adoption process. We also have past birth parents you can talk to. They can tell you about their adoption experience. You should know there are no obligations when you talk to us. We just want you to have all the facts and feel comfortable with your decision.

In an open adoption, the birth parent chooses the adoptive family, not the adoption facilitator or an adoption agency. You are able to choose the amount of contact you want. Some birth parents want letters and photos, while others don’t want any contact. A Rainbow’s End provides you with a wide selection of wonderful families waiting to adopt that meet your needs and qualifications in an adoptive family.

Facilitators work with the birthmother and the adoptive couple on a smaller scale. Facilitators are able to give you more one-on-one attention. We also work with adoption attorneys and agencies to give you a variety of families to choose from. We will also connect you with counselors and past birth parent(s).

Agencies can be an “All in one Package.” Your legal advice, counseling and ability to pick from their adoptive parent profiles are typically included. In an agency adoption, the birth parent will relinquish her parental rights directly to the adoption agency, who will ultimately place the baby with a family.

We have several birth parents that are willing to talk to you about what they went through and what you should expect during the adoption process. They are a great source of support for you because they know exactly what emotions you are feeling.