Congratulations on your decision to adopt! A Rainbow’s End is a registered adoption facilitator that uses a hand-on approach when working with our adoptive parent(s) and birthparent(s). We strive for the highest ethics and standards in our profession. We pride ourselves in being compassionate to both the adoptive parent(s) and birthparent(s) while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism.

As an adoptive parent, your dreams are about to come true. We are excited to walk you through the adoption process of building your family through adoption. A Rainbow’s End believes in maintaining a small practice, which reduces wait time and allows us to be hands-on and provide personal support throughout the adoption process. As your facilitator, we will help you with developing your adoption plan and profile, help maintain birth parent relationships, provide referrals for legal counseling and other adoption related issues. We know this is an exciting new journey, and at A Rainbow’s End we can’t wait to go on that journey with you.

  • Adoption Planning – Based on your criteria, we help identify what is most important to you in your adoption (i.e. race, birthparent expenses, health, etc.)
  • Your Profile – We help you develop your profile and “Dear Birthmother Letter.” We give suggestions on what to write and what pictures to include in your profile.
  • Adoption Coordination – This means we help you maintain a positive relationship with your birthparent. We strive to make sure that your birthparent is obtaining medical attention, paperwork and necessary information is maintained and in place for the birth of the baby, answering all questions, and working with all other professionals (i.e. lawyers, social workers, agencies) in your adoption.
  • Informational Meeting – A Rainbow’s End provides a free consultation session. Whether you are in the Southern California area or out of the area, we will provide a free consultation meeting at our office or through a phone conference to explain the complete adoption process and how A Rainbow’s End partners with you throughout the process.

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