I am thankful to Irene for her support during my pregnancy. She was there for me during the process. In my last month I was feeling uneasy about the family I chose and was so scared to tell Irene that I wanted a different family. When I told her I felt such relief. We talked a lot about my decision. I already had my new family chosen from the profiles I was given before. I placed my son with the new family and know that was the best decision for me and my baby. Irene never made me feel like what I wasn’t doing wasn’t the right decision.

– J

I have placed my three babies for adoption through Irene. Each time she has been there and supported me. I am grateful to her.

– A

I met Irene through a friend when I didn’t know what to do when I was facing an unplanned pregnancy. I am grateful that I met her and Danielle. My kids are with different families and they all stay in touch and I get updates all the time. When I get their pics and updates I know they are happy and that’s how I know I made the right decision.

– M

I made the decision to give up my children for adoption because even though I love them, I don’t feel that I can be a mom to them. My life is still chaotic. I still stay in touch with Irene and I know I can call her anytime to talk.

– J

I met Danielle and Irene when I was homeless and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have my son and my boyfriend and I didn’t want our baby to be raised by family. Our other baby was already bouncing around from family member to family member. I was raised in the system and did not want that for my baby. My friend told me about Irene and I knew that this was the best option for me and my baby. I know my baby won’t be raised in the system and will have family and stability that I never had.

– anonymous

My boyfriend and I were facing an unplanned pregnancy and abortion was off the table. We decided on adoption because we wanted to finish school and we both couldn’t financially afford to move out on our own so how could we support a baby? We went online and did some research and wanted someone local and decided on Rainbow’s End after calling around. She (Irene) helped us find a family that was best for us and was there for us all the way through the process.

– anonymous

I wasn’t sure if Irene would work with me because I came to her later in my pregnancy and who told me about her. She didn’t care about that and looked at me as my own person. Danielle and Irene gave me profiles of families and I picked a family that I had a lot in common with. It was cool to me and made them see more normal. I had doubts through the process if I was making the right decision, but I knew I was because my life is so up in the air and I knew he needed more than what I could give him. I knew at the hospital I made the right decision because my son’s parents showed how much they cared about me and I could see how much they already loved my son. It was a weird feeling to have at the hospital, I felt sad because I wasn’t going home with him but also happy knowing he was going to have a family that could give him a better life.

You guys are the best. Thank you for everything. The family I have for my two kids is the best anyone could ask for. If it wasn’t for you guys helping me who knows what would have happened. Irene is like a mother I never had and Danielle like a sister I’ve never had. I’m grateful to have you in my life. Thank you again!


I placed two of my babies with a different adoption agency and was never happy with them. When I got pregnant and didn’t know what to do, I called Irene this time. It was such a different experience. I love all the families that I have placed with, but my experience with Irene and Danielle was so much better. They never kept anything from me and always made sure I knew everything throughout the process. They kept it real.