A Rainbows End wants to make adoption a reality for those who want to add that special someone to their family. The services below are just a few examples of what we offer. Our greatest quality is our hands on approach with our adoptive families and birth parents. We like to know how you feel throughout the adoption process as well as being in contact with the our birth parents so we know this is the right decision for them.

Provide Tools and Resources to Create a Dynamic Profile and “Dear Birthmother Letter”

We help you develop your profile; suggesting what to write and what pictures to include in your profile

Screen Every Expectant Mother
  • Obtain a proof of pregnancy and prenatal records
  • Obtain detailed intake forms
  • We have counselors and legal professionals available to guide the expectant birthmothers to do a face-to-face assessment

These resources are necessary to determine whether a situation is a fit for you and to protect you from adoption fraud or worse yet, failed adoption.

Provide Guidance for Your Initial Contact with the Expectant Mother

The initial phone call is an emotional time for all parties. We will help to relieve your fears by providing you with guidance on this call. You will also receive preliminary information about the expectant mother and her situation prior to the initial call.

Support Throughout the Adoption Process

We understand that there will be times when you need support, guidance and encouragement, and we are always willing to help and are on call 24×7.