Agencies can be an “All in one Package.” Their services usually include attorney fees, home study, birthparent advertising, relinquishment, and more. Agencies are licensed and regulated by the state in which they operate.

Facilitators work with the birthmother and the adoptive couple on a smaller scale. Facilitators are able to give you more one-on-one attention. We work closely with you to develop an adoption plan that best fits your needs. We also continue to work closely with any birthparent you may be matched with by maintaining contact, providing transportation, etc.

A Rainbow’s End Adoption Services, Inc. is a licensed adoption facilitator and must follow strict ethical and legal guidelines set by the state of California. Many of our couples are referred to us after waiting extended periods of time with an agency.

Most of our birthparents are referred to us by word of mouth from previous clients we have worked with. We do advertise through the internet such as the yellow pages, facebook, our website, and also have ads in local phone books. We are also sent referrals from local clinics and agencies that we network with.

Each adoption is unique and the fees will vary. A Rainbow’s End tries to keep expenses affordable while trying to ensure a successful adoption.

Adoption is affordable to everyone in any income bracket. There is the adoption tax credit, employee benefits, and other financial aid that help families make their dreams of adopting a reality. Some families have done fundraising to cover the costs of an adoption. Adoption is possible and affordable.

Yes, as a registered adoption facilitator, we are permitted to work with adopting parents and through professional contacts with potential birth parents from some other states.

Our facilitation fees include your adoption planning, birthparent coaching, networking, help with your profile, and advertising.

The average wait time for an adoption at A Rainbow’s End is usually six to 12 months. Your wait could be shorter or longer depending on your criteria. As adoption professionals we can not make any guarantees about the process. As soon as you contract with us, your profile will be shown to any available situations that meet your criteria.

A Rainbow’s End does not discriminate against anyone wanting to adopt. Although, you must have a background check completed and approved by your state in order to adopt.

Yes. At A Rainbow’s End we will discuss with you what kind of adoption plan you are comfortable with. We want to ensure that if you are matched a successful adoption will take place and all parties involved are comfortable with their decision. Just as much as we would hate to see a birthparent change their mind regarding an adoption we hate to see adoptive parent(s) do this to a birthparent.

If your question was not addressed in this section, please contact A Rainbow’s End at 888-689-6850 for a free consultation with one of our adoption facilitators to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.