We found Rainbow’s End by the grace of God through a friend of a friend’s recommendation after much heartache in our nearly three year adoption journey. From the first phone call, we knew this would be a positive step toward growing our family through adoption because we felt like we were a priority, that our situation was understood, and concerns listened to, even from across the country from our home state, We also knew right away how much Rainbow’s End respected and honored birth parents while helping ensure their health and well-being before, during, and after adoption placement. It was important to us to know that all sides of the adoption triad were loved, respected, and cared for. Thanks to answered prayers, Rainbow’s End, and an amazing birth mom and dad, we are now a forever family to a sweet baby girl! We finally had a happy ending to our story, but know that it is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. We have recommended Rainbow’s End to others looking for an adoption facilitator. Rainbow’s End Adoption Services provided us with caring, patient, and personable guidance throughout our adoption journey, and we are blessed to have connected with their dependable, professional, and experienced team. We know that we will always have a little piece of California in our hearts!

- Adoptive Parents

When our family decided to adopt another baby into our home, I remembered a suggestion a friend had told me a couple of years ago. She referred me to Rainbows End Adoption Services, and we are very grateful that she had. We contacted them through their website and they were prompt to respond. They were very friendly and explained how their process went. We felt it was the right agency to move forward with and we appreciate the fact that they are very compassionate with the birthmothers that they worked with. We were blessed to have been chosen by a birthmother quickly and she delivered the most beautiful baby girl. We are absolutely over the moon with our beautiful daughter! Thank you Irene, Danielle and Karin for helping to facilitate our adoption.

- Jason and Kim

Being a parent is something that we’ve always wanted. My partner and I had been together for 10 years and thought that the next step in our journey together would be to start our family. We were introduced to A Rainbow’s End through friends who were very happy with the experience. We were very quickly introduced to Irene & Danielle. They took time to have conversations with us to understand us as a couple and as individuals and helped guide us to just the right match. Our son Adam was born and has fulfilled every one of our dreams of parenting. He continues to be the light of our lives and we whole heartedly thank A Rainbow’s End for making it happen!

- Chris & Curry

My wife, Katrina, and I are writing this letter in the hope that other families will have the joy of working with Irene Riley at A Rainbow’s End. Irene’s help and support in our quest to bring a baby home has set the standard for the adoption industry we believe few will match. We contacted Irene about a year and a half ago after doing extensive research into our options for adopting a newborn. From the beginning, Irene demonstrated integrity and an unshakable believe in her ability to provide us with a baby. After what seemed like an eternity, and a couple of bumps on the road, we were blessed with a newborn back in May of this year. The day we brought home our little girl Nicole, was one of the proudest moments of our lives. We received a call from Irene to go immediately to a hospital in Los Angeles where a birth mother had decided to give up her baby for adoption. Apparently, the nurses at the hospital contacted an attorney Irene had introduced us to. He then called her about the baby, and she called us. We’ve never been so excited! It happened very quickly. Too quickly, as it turned out. After having Nicole in our home for just three days, the birth mother changed her mind. We were on our way to the hospital with Nicole for a check up when we received the call. We had to return her to her birth mother. My wife and I were devastated. It’s amazing how attached we’d become after having Nicole in our home for just a few days. We took the baby back to the birth mother—hoping that a face to face meeting might change her mind, but it didn’t. Since that ordeal, Irene’s worked diligently to find us another birth mother, and has succeeded! We’ve been in contact with a young birth mother over the past several months. On October 28th she gave birth to a baby girl. We brought our new baby home, and now she is home to stay. She gives us immeasurable joy! This has been a long, emotional journey. We are grateful to Irene for both her tenacity and the personal attention she’s given us. She stood by our side throughout this whole life-changing experience and what an experience it has been. We are fortunate to have met Irene and treasure our friendship. We will be spending a wonderful Christmas this year with our daughter!

- Sheldon and Katrina

We are writing this letter today to describe our positive experiences with Irene Riley and A Rainbow’s End Adoption. As a same sex couple, we found Irene and her staff, including Brenda Kelly, to be respectful and helpful and knowledgeable. We were told up front, that it may be, and probably would be, more difficult to place us with a birthmother because we are a same sex couple. Nevertheless, we asked Irene to keep us in her files and to begin to search for a birthmother that matched our criteria. We were matched with a birthmother in a relatively short amount of time after initially contacting A Rainbow’s End. We were treated with respect and felt that Irene and her staff listened to our concerns and needs throughout the adoption process. We immediately recommended A Rainbow’s End to another couple who were hoping to adopt an infant as well and they too were matched with a birthmother in a very short amount of time. Irene was actually present for the birth of our daughter, and stood in for us in the labor and delivery room as we traveled by plane, across the country, to get to the hospital. Irene has kept in contact with us throughout our daughter’s first year. We feel that we can pick up the phone at anytime and still ask Irene questions and that we are still important to her and her agency. If we were to adopt again, we would not hesitate to call Irene Riley.

- Pat Miranda & Danielle Moore, Mommies to Ava

After working with a prominent adoption service for over one and a half years, we were fortunate to have been referred to Irene Riley and A Rainbow’s End. Irene and the staff at A Rainbow’s end were very caring and resourceful for the adoptive parents as well as the birthmothers. The personal service we received as adoptive parents was phenomenal and the main reason we chose to adopt through them. Within six months, we were blessed to adopt our first son, Stephen. In fact, we were so happy with A Rainbow’s End that we skipped the traditional adoption service and went directly to Irene when it was time to adopt our second son, Anthony.

We’ve done a lot of research and interviewed many agencies and facilitators and we feel A Rainbow’s End is the best. If you want to adopt, A Rainbow’s End is the palce to go for lots of caring and great results.

Best wishes in your adoption journey!

- Cathy & Debbie

Dear Irene,

We just wanted to write you a note to say “Thank You.” Although those words do not express our gratitude for the little miracle you have given us. Our daughter is growing before our eyes and we are so in love with her, it is unbelievable. You worked so hard and you were there for us ever step of the way and we really needed that. We are a family of five now and we feel so complete and you have made this all possible for us. We have recommended A Rainbow’s End to several people and we know you have already matched on couple, this is wonderful. Your work is amazing, if you can call it work. You do work so hard but truly your are just making dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

- Stephens Family

When you wish upon a star, sometimes your dreams do come true! After being introduced to Irene, my husband and I created our photo resume and letter to our birth mother. Within days, we were matched. We couldn’t believe it! As we celebrated the match, our neighbors came running out of their houses, thinking we had won the lottery. As we jumped for joy and announced we were going to be parents, our friends and family joined in the elation. WE went through the entire pregnancy, doctor’s visits, maternity shopping, and even cravings. We decorated a beautiful nursery and soon our amazing daughter was born. It was a dream come true! We were there at the birth and have cherished each and every moment since.

A year and half later, we decided to expand our family. Within months, Irene had matched us again and soon we were blessed with a second daughter. My husband, daughters and I have never been happier. The girls are showered with love and affection from family and friends. Each day we remark how lucky we are. Rainbow’s End brought our dreams to life. Irene not only made our family possible, she’s become a dear family friend. It’s hard to put our gratitude and appreciation into words. Irene and Rainbow’s End made our family possible when no one else could.

- Anonymous

My husband, Michael and I decided to adopt a baby after a stressful and devastating diagnosis of infertility. We knew we wanted to be parents regardless of whether we could have our own children or not.

We met with Irene Riley and Brenda Kelly of A Rainbow’s End, and we were immediately impressed with their dedication and personal involvement with the birthmothers and adoptive couples. We felt at ease with them and we became very excited about our venture into parenthood. However, we felt we should explore all our options and decided to meet with a few other adoption agencies. We quickly found out the difference between A Rainbow’s End and all those “other” agencies. A Rainbow’s End operated with heart. We felt comfortable with Irene and Brenda and really liked thow personal it felt, instead of being part of a system. We wanted to work with someone who treated us as people, not a “case.” So we signed with A Rainbow’s End immediately.

Working on our resume for the birthmothers to view was really fun and challenging but we knew we could have a six month to one year wait before being matched. Irene told us that when we meet the right birthmother we would “just know;” that it would feel right to us, sort of like falling in love. We first go a call about a birthmom that wanted to meet with us. We met with her but felt ill at ease. We weren’t sure that it was the right birthmom for us, but having never been through this before we weren’t sure how we were supposed to feel. However, we were relieved when that birthmom chose someone else. We then received a call from Brenda about a birthmom who was interested in meeting with us and only us. We met with her a few days later and it was love at first sight! She was wonderful and we left that meeting almost walking on air. From the difference we felt between this birthmother and the las one we met with we knew we had found “the one.” Our birthmom has been wonderful from the start and we formed a great relationship with her. Our son, Mason was born and we couldn’t be happier!

A Rainbow’s End was a pleasure to work with and from the very start we felt good knowing that we had such caring, enthusiastic people dedicated to help us from our family. The next time we want to adopt we will definitely call A rainbow’s End because there’s nobody else that compares.

- Anonymous

Rainbow’s End Made Our Dreams Come True

When my husband and I found out that pregnancy was not happening for us we began to research adoption options. Eventually, we were referred to Rainbow’s End Adoption Services and Irene. We chose Rainbow’s End because we felt we were being lost in the hundred or so perspective adoptive families at another agency. Also, my husband is physically disabled. Rainbow’s End and Irene treated us as any other adoptive family and not as an adoptive family with a disabled parent. Rainbow’s End only worked with a small clientele at any given time so our profile got a more personalized showing. We met our daughter’s birth parents after only a month and a day at Rainbow’s End. Irene supported us through the difficult four months until our daughter Madelyn was born. We still have contact with Madelyn’s birthmother and her birth parents are always in our prayers. After all Madelyn’s birth parents blessed our lives with our beautiful little girl. Adoption is a long and sometimes difficult journey, but Rainbow’s End supported us and help make our dream of being parents come true!

- Anonymous

Two years after we adopted our eldest son, we decided it was time to re-start the adoption process in order to complete our family. We signed back with our previous facilitator and for two years we had no results other than a very costly failed adoption, broken hearts, and absolutely no empathy or emotional support from that particular facilitator. We quickly learned that when things go wrong, many facilitators often only advocate and empathize with the birthmothers, leaving us vulnerable adoptive couples completely on our own to deal with all the stress an potential disappointments.

We then learned about Irene and Rainbow’s End Adoption and were thrilled to see for ourselves that she not only gave 110% of herself, her emotional support and her empathy to us as an adoptive couple. As an adoptive mom herself, she new first hand how vulnerable, how scary and how difficult the process could be for us. She matched us with our birthmom very quickly and she was very attentive, very involved and very on-the-ball throughout the entire process. She even drove our birthmom to the hospital and stayed with us much of the time during the hospital stay to ensure a smooth transition. Irene is wonderful and we could be more happy with our two absolutely adorable boys. Or family is complete.

- Anonymous

Through the help of A Rainbow’s End, my husband and I were able to realize our lifelong dream of adoption. Their small size allowed them to be hands on with us and with our son’s birth mom. Danielle and Irene took great care of our son’s birth mom during her pregnancy. They made sure she had everything she needed and kept us updated on her progress. They answered our many questions and returned our phone calls. They helped our son’s birth mom prepare for life after adoption. Now that we have placement of our son, they still check on her and make sure she is okay. I would like to thank A Rainbow’s End for bringing us a beautiful baby boy and making our family complete!

- Anonymous

We loved working with Rainbow's End. It is nice to work with a smaller agency where you really get to know the people who are helping with your adoption process. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we did not end up with the first placement we were matched with. Irene and Danielle worked hard to help match us again quickly and were very attentive to our needs and feelings. I really think they also helped and supported our birth mother during such a difficult process for her.

Our daughter is now a year old, and we still love to send pictures and keep in touch with everyone from Rainbow's End.

- Ari and Amy