Jared and Jay

Cheers Expectant Mother,

First we want to thank you for taking the courageous step of adoption and appreciate you considering us to love your baby.  We are so humbled and excited by the prospect of becoming parents.  Through our work with children and our large local family support system we feel very prepared to offer a home full of love, support, and excitement to your baby.

We are looking to build a family that brings even more love into our lives.  We live in an incredible community with many young families and great schools.  We are puppy parents to three gorgeous miniature schnauzers that have been amazing with our four nieces and friends’ children.  Our marriage and lives feel like a beautiful cradle in which to raise children.

Our families’ values formed our strongest attributes.  We want those values incorporated into a young life as a thank you to our parents.  Our parents encouraged kindness, hard work, and personal responsibility.  We want our child known as someone who makes those around them feel accepted and loved.  We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your vision of your baby’s adoption journey.  We vow to be honest and respectful always.

Very Thankful,

Jared and Jay

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