Matthew and Judith

Dear Expectant Mama,

We are so grateful you are willing to consider us as a family for your baby. Our lives are touched by your sacrificial love as you endure many challenges right now. After struggling thru infertility, we are so thankful to be pursuing adoption. Our hearts are open, and we have so much love to share! Thank-you for blessing us with your consideration!

We grew up in the same town and attended the same church but did not meet personally till we were in our twenties. Once we started talking, we couldn’t stop! There was so much we connected on. After dating one and a half years, we got married on the most beautiful spring day at my parents’ farm. The flowering trees dropping petals of blessings on us. Almost two years later Sianna was born, blessed with an extra chromosome-AKA-Down Syndrome! She has brought amazing sweetness to our life! Today we live on a farm where we enjoy the peaceful surroundings with our pets Snoopy the dog and the kittens, Pickles and Moses. We feel so blessed with many friends, our church, and first of all, God.

We promise to love and support this child unconditionally, always giving them security, stability and a happy home. We will guide them toward the Love of Jesus, and to show respect and kindness to all. Your child will always be surrounded by people who love them. We promise they will always know the sacrifices you made, and how much love it took you to make this decision.



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