Ryan and Ron

Dear Expectant Mother,

The decision and sacrifice you are making leaves us with a huge sense of awe. This most selfless of choices that will be a blessing like no other for us and our families. Allowing us to embrace, protect, provide and teach your baby is something we will forever cherish. How do we even begin to express what you and your baby mean to us? It seems like nothing we put down can convey that.

Our families have given us the gifts of being brother, son, uncle, great-uncle to so many people we love. The desire to have our own child has been in our hearts forever. We feel that now is the time! We are healthy and active and have amazing family support that can’t wait to dote on a baby. We can’t wait to love, support, create memories, pass along traditions, and give them every opportunity they deserve.

We have been blessed to see how adoption has blessed the lives of friends and family members and can’t wait for adoption to bless our lives.

We always promise to be honest with you, and love and support you. We also want you to know we promise to be honest about their adoption story and share with them the love you have to make this incredibly hard and selfless decision.

You should know, Ryan wears his heart on his sleeve and will certainly tear up within seconds of meeting you. We do not know how our hearts can swell and tears flow for a woman we have not meet yet, but as we type this that’s what’s happening!

About US

We have been together for 26 years, and married for over five years. We wanted to wait for Marriage Equality across the nation before we married. We work together in our family run business. We have extremely flexible schedules and we have onsite daycare so the baby can be with us at work. We are so excited to spend time whenever we have a free moment at work! Not only will we be spending every free moment we have at work with the baby so will family who works with us.

Our love has withstood a lot of ups and downs, but these experiences have us coming through the other side stronger and more united. We can see each other’s face to know what might be happening. Our story will add another chapter once our family is whole. And we can’t wait to add more chapters sharing our life with your child.

We have perfected the art of support and being there for one another through all the pain, joy, and rollercoaster that is our beautiful life together.

Our Family

Our extended family is HUGE and eager for us to expand the family. Ryan being the only boy has six younger sisters, Ashley having Spina Bifida is wheelchair bound, however she is over the moon excited to be an Auntie again! We tragically lost Ryan’s Sister Kristy in a car accident; she has 3 boys.

Between Ryan’s other five Sisters we have 4 more Nieces, 1 Great-Niece, 3 Nephews, and 1 Great-Nephew whereas Ron has a younger Sister with 2 daughters ages 14 and 17.

Ron has a sister and we have been part of her daughters’ lives, Mandi and Ginger, from the start. Ron’s Sister, Suzi works with us in the family business where we would change diapers, feed, burp, entertain, and play with them while they were here at work.

We sadly lost Ron’s Mom recently and Ryan’s Dad 5 years ago. Ron’s Dad, Ryan’s Mom and Step-Dad are all loving and integral parts of the family PLUS Ron’s Aunt and Uncle who live 2 miles away with whom we have a close relationship with. So, in recapping that’s a total to 14 Cousins, 6 Aunties, 5 Uncles, a great Aunt/Uncle, and 3 Grandparents all waiting for our Baby to join our Family.

Our large and extended families get together Christmas Eve, this started with Ron’s Grandmother and continues to this day, sometimes there’s over 50 people together, some years its only a handful however that cherished tradition is one we can not wait to instill. Of course, Easter is another tradition where we all go to brunch at the local Golf Course and the kids found eggs and baskets from the Easter Bunny! Scouting is something Ron is passionate about, he is a Life and Eagle Scout, he had a Scout Master that made a large impact on him and those values are with him always and I am certain that your baby will be a great Scout.

Our Home and Pets

Our home is based on family. Our families visit yearly for the State Fair, 4th of July, Labor Day, and other fun times. We live in our dream home that is near a lake with hiking all around with lots of open space for our child to play and explore.

We have a wonderful community that is close knit and an elementary school that is a one-minute drive away.

We love animals and were devastated when we lost our cat, Bailey and dog, Tips. We want nothing more than to bring a puppy home. We think it’s important for a child to have a furry companion to have adventures with.

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we can’t wait to learn about you! If you have any questions for us, we will be here to answer them.

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