May is a special month for many of our families.  It’s Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day!  In the adoption world, celebrating and honoring motherhood has even greater significance for both adoptive and birth mothers.

While many of us will be celebrating our Mom’s or experience Mother’s Day for the first time, please don’t forget May 11 as it is a day to appreciate and celebrate birth mothers who helped complete your families.  It is so important to recognize these women!  Whether you, your birth mother, or child decide not to celebrate this day, it does serve a purpose – it helps create public awareness for birth mothers.  If you do decide to celebrate birth mother’s day, here are a few examples of recognizing this day:

  • Write a letter and provide pictures to your birth mother
  • Send flowers
  • Give a meaningful gift (maybe something made by your child)
  • Talk with your child about their special adoption story